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At Topinka Nunn Dressage, we believe that education is by far the most important element to achieving our goals, not only for our students, but for ourselves as well. We are dedicated to continuing our own education for the benefit of our clients. We enjoy our clients' participation in learning and advancing in the sport of dressage. Our priority is to promote the health and safety of both horse and rider as they strive to reach their full potential. Our motto is to "chip away at it," taking small steps to achieve our ultimate goals.


Topinka Nunn Dressage welcomes FEI Young Rider Kya Endreson, pictured above with  Eden Roc, trainer Jaime Topinka Nunn (left), and Eden's owner Lee Chamas (right).

Lendon Gray's Winter Intensive Training (WIT) Program has forged an exciting new partnership between Kya Endreson, Jaime Topinka Nunn, Lee Chamas, Lendon Gray and the horse Eden Roc. Kya Enderson, a participant in the 2014 Winter Intensive Training Program, just received the ride on Lee Chamas’ horse Eden Roc, with the hopes of qualifying for the NAJYRC and Festival of Champions. Kya connected with Jaime Topinka Nunn (Eden Roc’s Trainer and Rider) through Dressage4Kids and Lendon Gray’s Winter Intensive Training Program, which took place in Wellington, FL from January through March 2014.

Kya, 19, is from North Carolina. She has already had great success in the FEI Juniors. In 2011 she was the National Junior Champion with Pik L, owned by Anne Sparks, and was part of the gold medal Junior Team at NAJYRC the same year. Kya now hopes to match her previous success through this partnership with Lendon Gray and Jaime Topinka Nunn. Jaime Topinka Nunn was the 2014 WIT Stable Manager, in addition to running her own training business and farm in New Jersey. Jaime's passion is to take young horses up through the levels, just as she did with Eden Roc. She also has been involved with mentoring several young riders along their journeys.  

          “We [Lee and Jaime] have decided that Eden would love a young rider. It was just a matter of finding a young rider Jaime thought was best for him”, remarked Lee Chamas. Jaime chose Kya because of her past competitive experience, and because she believed Kya would easily adapt to Eden in a short amount of time. Jaime mentioned, “Kya is a compassionate person who fits our program both here at WIT and at home in New Jersey.” Sure enough, within 12 rides Kya was ready to compete Eden Roc at FEI Young Riders. The pair received a 65% and won their class at the White Fences Dressage Series.

          “I am so appreciative of the opportunity given to me by Lee Chamas and Jaime Topinka Nunn. It is so amazing to sit on a seasoned veteran,” says Kya. For the last few years Kya has had the opportunity to work solely with young horses. “I cannot wait to see what this year brings! Thank you to Lee, Jaime for your trust and support in allowing me to compete Eden. None of this would have been possible without the Winter Intensive Training Program and Lendon Gray. This program has not only challenged me to grow in the present, but open doors for the future!”



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